Group of five LandSAR volunteers wearing their vests equipped with gear, such as a handheld radio. They are standing in front of a table that is full of different rescue equipment. A stretcher is on the ground in front of them.


We can’t do what we do without your suppport

We don’t charge a fee for our services, meaning that we rely on sponsors and donations from the community to keep operating. Each of our members donates hundreds of hours of their own time each year. We’re grateful to the employers of our members who allow them to take paid leave to respond to incidents during working hours.

Training and equipping our members are our major expenses. We rely on donations, grants from charitable entities and fundraising to ensure our members are properly equipped and don’t have to personally fund essential training costs. Your support and donations enable our groups to be equipped for the rugged environments and weather they face while searching or rescuing the lost, or missing, or injured.

Our Sponsors

Thank you to all the amazing organisations that support LandSAR Wellington. Without your help we would not be as well equipped for searches and we would not be as well trained to respond. Your contributions matter and make a difference in saving lives!

Vodafone Logo


A massive thank you to Vodafone for keeping our teams connected both in the field and in the IMT!

Nikau Foundation Logo

Nikau Foundation

The Nikau Foundation have been very generous through its grants, that have helped us fund gear purchases!

Preston's Master Butchers Logo

Preston’s Master Butchers

A shout out to Preston’s for the countless meat packs that they’ve donated to keep our teams fed when they get back out of the field!

Have what it takes to join our team? Applications are now open and close on Sunday 14 April 2024.